Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sign Ups Starting for AUGUST TAG SWAP!!

It's time for sign ups for August. The theme for August is PRETTY WOMAN.  You can use anybody you want. You can use Marilyn Monroe, Your Grandmother, Your Grand-daughter, whoever. They must be female.  You can use Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Boop, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie's get the idea.  No QUOTE is necessary unless you want.
                     PLEASE EMAIL ME at to join.
                     Do not leave a comment to sign up, I will need your email addy.

The OPTIONAL CHALLENGE is to use acrylic paint on your tag somehow, somewhere.....I am putting a twist in the August swap, so let me know how you like it. It will make you stretch your creativity. Same rules will apply as always. Please remember to do the back of your tags and to send return postage stamps too.  

Swap Tags must be mailed not later than August 15, 2010.  I will send the tags back to you on August 20 or sooner. Rules are below. This is a long post, so read all the way thru to the swapper's signed up below....


1.   Once you sign up, you are committed. Please make every attempt to finish on time and mail tags on time. If you do not follow through, you won't be able to participate again.  I will excuse for unusual circumstances though.  Why so strict?  I have heard horror stories of people never getting their swap items. So, I do not wish to disappoint anyone.

2.   For the One on One swap, you mail 2 decorated tags. You can make an extra for yourself but do not send it to me. I will add embellishments and mail 1 back to you. You must include return envelope and return postage stamps.

3.   You mail 5 tags to me and I will coordinate tags and ship the exchanged 4 tags back to you.  Please include a second envelope and enough return postage stamps in your envelopes so I can mail it BACK to you. Also, write your addy on the return envelope please.

4.    Mail to me by August 15(I will mail out on the 20th of each month or sooner).

5.    Please try to follow theme of swaps, but don't run out and spend money to do them-get creative! You need not use the newest papers or embellies- just have fun!

That's it. If you have questions, just ask me, I am happy to help you.

Requirements: 4x6" chipboard tag, at least 2 embellishments and ribbons or fibers.

GROUP 1                                                GROUP 2               
1.  Desiree Tillman Moffett                   1.Lily Jackson
2.  Teresa Miller                                   2. Ida Swindell
3.   Carolina Ayala                                3. Lori Ransom
4.   Shanta Newby                                4.Tracy McCullough
5.   Krystal Booth                                    5.Cristina C.


Requirements: 4x6" chipboard tag, with 4 embellishments, and ribbons/fibers.  Example is shown below. Tag is usually well covered with ephemera.

GROUP  1                                     GROUP 2
1. Amy Kittle                               1. Donna Brown

2. Sylvia Holmes                         2.  Stephanie Collins

3. Patti Lane                                 3. Robert Groppi

4.  Kandi Rivera                           4. Leslie Jones

5.  Gypsy Rose                              5. Christy Gallardo

SWAP 3      ONE ON ONE ---SWAP WITH ME! You make 2 decorated tags and send to me.  I will add embellishments to it, and send one back to you! THEME IS UP TO YOU!!

1.Sylvia Holmes     7. Stephanie Collins
2.Iley Burkett         8.
3.Nilsa Perez
4.Krystal Booth
5.Lori Ransom


ileyssilver said...

Would love to be included in the one on one swap.

tiaretehina said...

Hi can you sign me up for beginner swap thank you so much!!!

clipngirl said... friend Krystal signed us both up for the beginning swap and I would like to do the one on one as well if you have room.
Thanks! Lori R.

Lisha said...

I would like to be included in one of your swaps

fasloan at yahoo dot com