Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memo Board

This is a Magnetic Memo Board i created. I really love it because it
is so functional.  I can change the patterned paper if I want to match
any decor. I usually post my recent creations in my room.  Thanks for looking.

My Grandbaby, Kayleigh

This is one page of an Altered Book I made of my first Grandchild, Kayleigh.  
I love incorporating various media into my crafts. 
I am especially fond of mini-albums
because they are fun to make.Thank you for visiting my blog site. 

January Update

Hi Everyone,
I have been so busy posting on You Tube this past month.  I'm learning so many new techniques and making many new friends!  This year has surely started off with a bang.  I wanted to list a few of my crafting goals this year that I will be working on.  I would like to work on having some of my projects published in some national magazines.  I have been teaching classes locally, but I would really like to work on my Paper Crafting resume, so to speak.  I would also like to be on a design team this year.  Since I am not currently working, I feel that I will need some motivation and I am anxious to create and meet deadlines.  I think I just like to keep busy, don't you?  I am also perfecting my skills in Mini-Albums.  I will be posting mini-album kits for sale on my etsy site.  I am working on a Valentine's Day kit as we speak. Here's my etsy site:  Also, I have started a Paper Crafting community in Idaho.  If you would like to join, please visit:  It's free, and I just started it to meet fellow local crafters.  I think that is all that I have in store so far.  Please keep watching my videos on You Tube.  Take care.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Update

Hi. Hope everyone had a great New Year! I've started to think about some New Year resolutions and haven't come up with much.  I started an exercise program a few months ago, so I just want to keep that up.  I exercise in the morning then, I have the day to have fun.  As I get older, I realized that I can't eat whatever I want anymore. So, I actually have been eating better this whole year...I do have a resolution to clear out the craft things I am not using.  As the years go by, my style changes, so those are the things I will clear out.  Then, I will have more room for new stuff.  lol  I do have a goal to purchase Sure Cuts A Lot for my Cricut. And a goal to get on a certain Design Team and get some of my paper crafts published. But, that's about it. If you have any resolutions, please post them.  I bet you will inspire me to start some new ones too,  Thanks for visiting my blog and I wish the best year for everyone!