Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is that love or what?

Hi Everyone.  Here's a picture I took of my Pug, Brody and my cat, Jazz.  While I am scrapping away into the wee hours of the night/morning....this is what they do.  Brody is the one snoring in my videos. Sometimes he snores louder than my husband! It's funny.  I did not know that Pugs snore when I got him. But, I love him so much that I overlook his one flaw. LOL. These two are buddies.  My cat will chase my dog....and vice versa. But, my cat, Jazz is really the boss of the house. My hubby calls Brody my Mini-Me, because he will follow me everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE! When I scrap until 3 am, he is right there with me.  Talk about love right?  I would love to hear your stories about your fur babies. Please comment below! :> Also, have a great Fourth of July!

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