Friday, April 16, 2010

Tag Swap with Deb

Hi Everyone,

I had my very first tag swap. I have done alot of card swaps in the past, but not a tag swap ever! So when Deb asked me to swap, I said SURE! I love making tags and it is an easy way to swap just with one person. I got my package from Deb today and I was so excited to see what she made. She is a very talented lady and I like her style of scrapping. After a long day teaching a mini album class, this was a very welcome package!! It always makes me teary eyed to see that someone took the time to make ME something by hand. I know it takes alot of time and thought when you make something, so it truly means alot when another crafter makes something for me. :> And if I am on the giving side, I hope that whatever I make is liked by whoever I give it to. A lot of times if someone admires my project- I will just give it to them because I know they appreciate it. Thank you Deb!!!!

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