Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tag Swap is BACK!! Sign ups start NOW!

Hi Everyone,

So, after receiving emails urging me to continue with the tag swap. I couldn't bare to disappoint you all. So, it is officially BACK ON!!  Unfortunately, that means that there is not a lot of time to make them if you join the January Swap. Because they need to be in the MAIL before January 20. I will take sign ups now! Same rules apply but you do not need to include an extra tag for me. You will just make 5 tags for your group and you will receive 5 tags back, because I will have 6 in each group. So make 6 tags if you want to have one of your own tags.(But don't mail me your tag for yourself.) I will also post a list of the themes as soon as can.  Theme for January is.......FAIRY TALES.

Whatever you interpret fairy tales to be....your life may be a fairy tale, you may have a prince or princess in your life, your job may be a fairytale, or you have a fairytale romance with your spouse!!! A favorite movie or book that is a fairy tale, you may live in a may love FAIRIES!!!! Those are just some ideas. I will try to put up a tag video but on such short notice I can't do it until next week....So sorry!!

Ok so here is the group list....

Beginners Group

Advanced Group--CLOSED
1. Iley Burkett
2. Donna Brown
3. Deb DaCosta
4. Carolina Diana Ayala
5. Yvonne Melendez
6. Yvette aka DaileyScrapper

One on One
By Request Only

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