Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi Everyone,

My sweet friend Puakalehua gave me this award for my blog.

So, part of this award is telling you 8 things about me, so here we go!

1. I love my life. I have the best hubby named Todd. He supports my scrappy habits and loves me at my best and y worst. I am blessed to have two super kids-Shantel and Bronson. And adore my Grandbaby-Kayleigh.

2. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, and I have good days and bad days. But I try to live as normal a life as I can. I get tired really fast but if I try not to let it stop me. I may need a nap or a rest but then I get back up and keep going. :>

3. I love to scrap late at night(like until 3am). The house is quiet and I can relax and listen to my girly music while drinking coffee and eating peanut M n Ms. Not everyday, but chocolate with nuts is my favorite candy.

4. Since I scrap or work late at night, I sleep in until 11am sometimes. It's basically only 8 hours of sleep. But my "wake" hours are different. My body seems to feel better at night, and worst in the morning. That is how this habit started, because I am not naturally a night owl. lol

5. I love to listen to my girly music which is Mariah Carey, Leona lewis, Christina Aguilera, but also love Phil Vassar's music. He wrote a song titled "Carlene, believe it or not!

6. I love helping people, and I stay away from negative people and drama. I really honestly, do not have the energy for either one. I am a private person, but once you touch my heart, you are a friend for life.

7. I love my Pug-Brody. He follows me everywhere. He makes me laugh and brings me so much joy!

8. Oh, here's one thing you don't know-I played softball since I was 8, and became an All-Star softball player for 2 years and traveled in the US competing. I can't play anymore, but it sure gave me great memories! I still consider myself a tomboy!

Thanks so much!  I am going to give this award to 3 people:

1. Geordie
2. Dana
3. Bev

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Just an update on the TH Dies. I spoke to my supplier and they got a shipment of the Tim Holtz dies on Friday. YAY. They should ship on Monday. But, remember that Tim is not releasing everything at once. He is staggering the shipment dates.  I will post another notice here on Monday when I know what is coming for sure.

Another FYI--if you have ordered something with a Tim Holtz die, I cannot ship your order until the die actually comes in.  I do not ship partial orders UNLESS you tell me you will pay an additional shipping charge.  I only ship complete orders. Most of my customers do not want me to ship one or two items. So, if you have an order with a TH die, you won't get it, until I get the die in stock. UNLESS you tell me to ship a partial shipment.  I hope that eliminates any misunderstandings.  Also, if my website shows your order as waiting for shipment, that means that one of your items is out of stock. So, again, I cannot ship your order until I get everything. Usually, it only takes 7-10 days to replenish.

I hope you all have a great weekend. The weather here is beautiful.  Thanks and take care. :>

Friday, March 4, 2011

MARCH TAG SWAP!! Celebrate Spring with Flowers and Lace.

Hi Everyone, I am so excited about the March Tag Swap. The theme is Celebrate Spring with Flowers and Lace. If you like those two embellishments, you are sure to love this swap!!

The rules and requirements are below this post at the bottom. Please read them. The due date is March 25. Which means, you have to have them postmarked on or before that day. I am changing the due date to give you more time to create your tags. But, last month there were several people who were late. Please send your tags early. Thank you!


GROUP 1                              GROUP 2
1. Jeanette Martinez            1. Terri Connell
2. Sonia Latham                   2.Marina Zamudio
3. Kristine Savarrio              3. Tami Baumann
4.Amy Ackley                         4. Rachel Miller
5. Shaylyn Silva                      5.Lesly Glenn
6. Karen Tadio                        6.Gloria Bedford


GROUP 1                                   GROUP 2
1. Michelle Lake                        1.Viv Writer
2. Donna Brown                        2. Kimberly Gillaspy
3. Trisha D'agostino                 3. Kay Elliott
4. Yvonne Melendez                4. Julia Smith
5. Sherry Moss                           5. Christle Kaina
6. Iley Burkett                            6. Lugene Bastian


1.   Once you sign up, you are committed. Please make every attempt to finish on time and mail tags on time. If you do not follow through, you won't be able to participate again.  I will excuse for unusual circumstances though.  Why so strict?  I have heard horror stories of people never getting their swap items. So, I do not wish to disappoint anyone.

2. Tags are about shipping tag size #8, made with chipboard or cardboard. Size is 6 1/4" x 3 1/8"
Decorate the front and put only paper on the back and your info...(so we can use it for mini books).

3.   By Request Only For the One on One swap, you mail 2 identically, decorated tags. You can make an extra for yourself but do not send it to me. I will add embellishments and mail 1 back to you. You must include return envelope and return postage stamps.

3.   You mail 5 tags to me and I will coordinate tags and ship the exchanged 5 tags back to you.  **You need to make 5 of the same identical tag, not 5 different ones** Please include a second envelope and enough return postage stamps in your envelopes so I can mail it BACK to you. Also, write your addy on the return envelope please, and send a large envelope.

4.  Mail to me by March 25th or earlier (I will mail out asap). This means your envelopes must be POSTMARKED before or on the due date....the due date is very important.

5. Beginners must include at least 2 embellishments on their tag. Advanced Swappers must include 4 or more. Embellishments are things like flowers, ribbons, bling, buttons, etc.

6.    Please try to follow theme of swaps, but don't run out and spend money to do them-get creative! You need not use the newest papers or embellies- just have fun!

That's it. If you have questions, just ask me, I am happy to help you.